VoiceThread is a multimedia presentation tool and discussion space all in one. Lecturers or students can create, share, and comment on images, PowerPoint presentations, videos, audio files, documents, and PDFs, using microphone, webcam, text, phone, and audio file uploads. VoiceThread allows presenters to create presentations one slide at a time, meaning you can create presentations and add narration when it best suits you or your students. Students can augment presentations with commentary (via multiple media types), ‘doodling’ or marking up the content as they speak to it allowing for optimum creativity.

What is Possible?

See how this technology can be used to enhance your teaching and learning opportunities.

What is the Value?

Look at the value of this technology can have to your students and to making academic life easier.

How do I Start?

Find tutorials, resources and strategies to getting your hands dirty with a minimum of effort.

Where to from here?

The journey doesn't end here, look through what you can do to become a master of VoiceThread.