PebblePad is a platform to collect, curate, create, communicate and share achievements, personal capabilities and professional skills. It affords Griffith students and staff a personal learning environment to develop, shape, and share their unique skills and attributes for success in today’s world. PebblePad can be used by an individual to support their own learning and professional development, or by an organisation to facilitate the learning of their members, be they students, staff, or professionals.

What is Possible?

See how this technology can be used to enhance your teaching and learning opportunities.

What is the Value?

Look at the value of this technology can have to your students and to making academic life easier.

How do I Start?

Find tutorials, resources and strategies to getting your hands dirty with a minimum of effort.

Where to from here?

The journey doesn't end here, look through what you can do to become a master of PebblePad.