What is PebblePad?

PebblePad is a personal learning platform which allows Griffith students to collect evidence of learning across their program of study. This assists students in developing their personal portfolios. Griffith staff can similarly curate and create professional portfolios and evidence of achievements.

Why is PebblePad Important?

Supporting learning & teaching

PebblePad allows for flexible design of learning materials. Students can use custom workbooks and templates for experiences such as laboratory sessions, work placements, professional capabilities and other learning records.

PebblePad integrates with [email protected] and can be used for assessment, feedback, reporting and archiving.

Staff and students can use PebblePad to:

  • collect – this includes examples and experiences from course to course, evidence of participation, practice, capabilities and experiences.
  • curate – because artefacts are collected across a student’s enrolment period, students can easily choose the best of these to highlight specific skills and knowledge.
  • create – using collected and curated artefacts, students can build portfolios that include rich content to showcase skills and abilities.
  • communicate – share achievements, personal capabilities and professional skills.

What VLE tools can PebblePad integrate with?

PebblePad integrates with [email protected] including the Mark Centre and TurnItIn. There are many embed options including: 

  • Padlet
  • Echo360
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo, and many more

What are some examples of practice?

Search the Explore Learning and Teaching web site for wonderful examples of PebblePad in practice.

  • PebblePad Student-Centred Activities
    Student-Centred Activities are short, focussed entries describing how students can engage with a particular technology for a specific purpose. 
  • PebblePad Faculty Sparks
    There are several faculty sparks that show how fellow academics have used PebblePad to overcome teaching challenges. You can see their journey, aims, outcomes and recommendations. 

How do I get started?

For technical support using PebblePad, please contact the IT Support Centre ([email protected] or x55555).

Self-help resources, user guides and how-to videos are available at Griffith’s PebblePad Help

Additionally, you can find more information at the Learning Futures PebblePad site

Learning Futures regularly runs workshops on PebblePad. Further information is available on the Learning Futures Events Calendar

To start a conversation about using PebblePad in your course or program, please contact your Group Learning & Teaching Consultant.

How can I use PebblePad to implement the Course Design Standards?