What is Echo360?

Echo360 Active Learning Platform (ALP) is an active learning tool that enables in-class feedback and questioning. It enables you to add interactive content to your lecture slides, and to collect responses live.

You can use Echo360 ALP to:

  • Poll students in class with instant results
  • Create and distribute video content for your course
  • Collect feedback on how well students understand your lecture/slides

How do I get started?

For more, check out Explore Learning & Teaching.

For help implementing Echo360 ALP tools in your teaching, contact your local Learning and Teaching Consultant.

Echo360 has created a library of how-to videos.

Learning Futures regularly runs workshops on using Echo360 ALP. Further information is available on the Learning Futures events calendar.

What are some examples of practice?

Take a look at how Griffith academics are using Echo360 ALP to maximise participation and engagement.

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Control the pace and test their readiness. With Echo360 ALP polling and class discussion, you can find out if your students are ready to move on to the next topic.

Students are creating a revision resource. When students take notes against your slides in Echo360 ALP they are creating a highly effective revision resource for their exam; one that won’t get lost or eaten by the dog.

Why is Echo360 important?

Echo360 ALP allows you to make your lecture an active learning experience. Students learn and retain more when they actively engage with content.

Benefits to you:

  • Polling and in-class questions allow you to correct student misunderstandings instantly
  • Data you collect on participation and comprehension helps you to fine tune your approach

Benefits to students:

  • Students can flag confusion and ask questions during a lecture without disrupting the class
  • Students can take notes in class which are time stamped and linked to specific slides

What VLE tools can Echo360 integrate with?

How can I use Echo360 to implement the Course Design Standards?

You can use Echo 360 to implement the following Course Design Standards: