Fact Sheets

Our Facts Sheets are quick one page introductions to the Course Design Standards (CDS) and Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Technologies. They are ideal for getting a basic understanding of a particular topic.​


Find information, resources and strategies for implementing the Course Design Standards (CDS)


Find tutorials, resources and strategies using the different technologies of the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

Fact Sheets: Practice

Course Design Standards

In this series of one page Fact Sheets, we introduce you to the Course Design Standards and each of the Principles that inform them. 


The following one page Fact Sheets provide more detail on the three pedagogies that underpin Engaging and Empowering Pedagogies (P2): Active, Authentic and Collaborative.

Fact Sheets: Technology

The Technology series of one page Fact Sheets introduce you to a selection of technologies that comprise the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) at Griffith.